Helping Families Flourish

Supporting a child with special needs can be a uniquely challenging experience. From isolation to doubt, the flurry of emotions that accompanies this journey can leave parents feeling depleted and overwhelmed. While the path to a healthy family system often feels daunting, even for the most resilient among us, there is hope.  

My son received a learning difference diagnosis when he was 5 years old. For awhile we were deep in the trenches (with many other big life-stressors piled on at the same time). But in time, we emerged, stronger, wiser and more connected than ever.

I am called to this work because I feel drawn to parents who are struggling through this transition. While you might feel alone or misunderstood as you navigate these uncharted waters, chances are, I have a good sense of what you’re going through. 

As your integral parent coach, my goal is to help you rediscover the beauty of your unique child and find ways to create more moments of peace and joy as a family. Together, we will reorient and redefine behaviors and diagnoses so that you’re able to see the gifts that they bring, rather than the hardships they cause. 

One of the most profound moments I’ve had as a parent was shortly after my child’s diagnosis, when I began consciously shifting my experience. Through this new lens, it all felt so clear: Not only were these challenging behaviors a part of him…but they made up some of the BEST parts of him. I don’t know who my boy would be if he weren’t a powerful, strong-willed, emotionally in-tune person. Most importantly, I can see, now, how these traits will serve him and carry him through adulthood. The difference came when I stopped thinking about how to “fix” him and started focusing on how to help him grow into the best possible version of himself. 

In a world full of individuals who have been convinced that the intensity of their emotions is something to be ashamed of, I feel proud to be raising a son who knows who he is, what he needs, and accepts every piece of himself. As a parent, this is the greatest gift I could give my child. Let’s get you there, too.


From Susannah:

“My son has outgrown his diagnosis, but we were deep in the trenches for many years. I can give compassionate, powerful support for the heart-ache and isolation that can come from having a child who needs "extra". Parents need unique support for this journey. I offer tools to help stay centered and calm amidst the turbulence and I can guide you to cultivate the specific resources your child needs. That way your child can receive the best parenting you have to offer. “


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