Helping families transform chaos and conflict into more calm, connected and playful times


 “I sometimes think that the only thing that really matters in parenting is for the parent to deeply love and accept him or herself.” 

 -Laura Markham




I am so glad you’re here.

I help families struggling with mild to severe problems (hey- that’s most of us, right?) find their way to a life filled with calm, joy and the skills to navigate the inevitable bumps of family life. There’s nothing better for me than to support parents through problems that may seem unsolvable and teach them simple, yet profound tools that they can implement immediately. Families often have quick success that brings necessary hope and relief, while our long-term focus yields lasting, systemic change beyond expectations. My role is to help you keep the momentum going and guide you through any pitfalls that may arise until you have everything you need to be self-sustaining.

As a classical violinist, turned mother (including the zombie stage!) turned Life Coach, one important string to my bow (haha) is the way we attend to all areas of your life, not just your family-life. The best parental support in the world can be rendered ineffective by many obstacles, such as a health problem or a difficult marriage, so it's essential to attend to all facets of life. Without this wider focus, your progress with your children could be seriously impeded.

My coaching strategies were hard won, with my boots on the ground (ok … sometimes all of me on the ground) as I learned to support my own highly-sensitive, strong-willed child. 

At this point, you likely know that parenting is no easy feat. Sometimes, as parents, we require more than good advice and general plans. We need actionable items, custom-tailored tools and someone who understands our unique family-dynamics.

As a Parent Coach, my goal is to listen, learn (and listen some more!), guiding you towards solutions that match your values, and practices that empower you and your children. My training in and at New Ventures West as a Life Coach informs much of what I do.

In addition to my training as a HandInHand Parenting Educator and an Integral Life Coach, I am simply a mother who has been there. I know the feelings of doubt and insecurity, of anger and resentment. I know the feelings of helplessness, and hopelessness and of complete and utter exhaustion. But I also know the feeling of breakthrough…and the feeling of completely unconditional love. With bucket-loads of compassion, I will help you get there, too.


So, why should you consider Integral Parent Coaching?



Individual Parent Coaching

One-on-one coaching, for parents who are ready to reconnect.

Special Needs Community

Helping families flourish.

Parent Support Group

Because we are in this together.


“I never, ever feel judged or shamed with Susannah, I always feel validated and heard - in fact, she has helped teach me how to validate and hear myself.”