I believe….

…that an attitude of acceptance and compassion are essential for all parents; we're all doing the best we can at all times. Perfection does not exist in the human realm!


…that the quality and strength of connection to our child is our greatest means of influence.


…that parenting is the most important job that people have. and all parents deserve help. Parenting is a journey of the lowest lows and the highest highs -and goes best with someone who has your back.


…that without support for parents - and plenty of it- children rarely receive what they need for optimal growth.


…that the quality of connection with your child is your only true point of power.


…that the latest research shows us the kindest and most effective responses to all challenging parental situations.


…that by learning to manage our own emotions we model responsibility and wisdom for our children which allows innate goodness to shine. This way we raise adults who will change the world in powerful ways.


…no parent should feel alone.


…it's never too late to turn things around in a family; positive change can be made at any time to help children (and parents) flourish.


…that listening to each other and collaborating together are at the heart of a thriving family.