I was flat-out for most of my pregnancy, throwing up, exhausted beyond belief, and struggling to continue my career. I thought I might find some relief after the home birth. But a few hours after my boy’s first breath, we had to rush him to the hospital where we camped out for four days while his wet lungs cleared. After we came home, I sank into postpartum depression and three sleepless years of utter and complete exhaustion. 

When he was one year old, my precious boy began to show signs of “off track behavior.” When he finally got diagnosed with special needs, my husband and I were both devastated and relieved. We searched for the right therapists, read every book on the subject, and struggled to maintain a semblance of a marriage. Our family had spiraled into a trauma loop that took years out of which to climb.

What kept me going was my intense love for my creative, beautiful, charismatic son.

Becoming a parent has forced me to grow up and heal my own childhood wounds. It has been the most profound and extended personal growth “workshop” of my life. Along the way, I’ve gained knowledge, experience, and some extraordinary practical tools that I’m eager to share with you.

Nobody can bring their best self to their family without adequate support. That means more than a babysitter for date night once a week. I want nothing more than to provide you with the extra support you and your family need to find joy, ease, and connection. Yes, it’s possible!