Let me help you rediscover the joy of parenting! Yes, JOY! (Remember??) That pleasant feeling you assumed would be running over with abundance through every moment of parenting? The one that preceded all the self-doubt? The one that is now shrouded in sleeplessness? The one that means impromptu pillow-fights and hysterical laughter and explaining to your children why your bladder isn’t as strong as it once was? (Yes, that one!) We can get you there, at least a bit more often!

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Working one-on-one with a coach provides the traction it takes to make real change. By having the sole focus you for an hour a week we can quickly tailor and develop the specific skills that would serve you most in your unique situation. Working together we’ll uncover your hidden beliefs and emotional triggers, and design the best practices for moving towards the (often) confident zen mama or papa your children need in order to thrive. This kind of ongoing work leads to lasting change.

With integral parent coaching we dive into all the different parts of ourselves that are affecting interactions with our children: our relationships with partners, co-parents, our friends and colleagues, to nature, and our sense of meaning – and of course our children themselves.

if you want short term focus on immediate tools for solving specific family problems, (separation anxiety at school drop-off, not sleeping through the night, sibling aggression) consider joining the parent support group, or ask me about a truncated version of the usual work I do.

Coaching is theory, in action.

If you’re ready to learn more about Integral Parent Coaching, How It Works, and why you deserve it, contact me today!


I design ways for you to become aware of unhelpful habits, which is the first step in changing them. Having me to report back to means that you get support for implementing the new skill and refining it over time, so that eventually it becomes a way of being.
— Susannah Barley