“Susannah provides a safe, nonjudgmental and supportive environment for parents to be heard. It is such a valuable practice to slow down and talk about our struggles and successes in parenting. It gave me the opportunity to curiously reflect and actively engage with new choices that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own. Hearing other parents talk about their experiences allowed me to feel like I wasn’t alone. I highly recommend working with Susannah. She is experienced, sensitive and kind.”

- Aline, Woodacre

“She has the depth and inner wisdom to guide me through my blocks...”

“Susannah is not only a life coach, but also a healer, shaman and spiritual teacher of sorts. She has the depth and inner wisdom to guide me through my blocks and is able to gently yet astutely guide me towards my higher self in my work, in my relationships and in the world. I experienced greater awareness, inner knowing and compassion for my humanness and my desire to grow and change. I became more clear about my path in life and what truly makes me come alive and excited to take important steps for lasting change.”

— Ashley M.

“…full and utter presence.”

“I have come to feel safe bringing *anything* to the table with Susannah... deep, buried secret things that I never allowed myself to acknowledge inwardly, let alone to share with another human. Susannah seems to draw her feedback and sense of knowing from an embodied place much deeper and more ‘true’ than the conditioned mind, and she responds with full and utter presence, and a reflection that is always surprising in its combination of clarity and gentleness.”

— Courtney

I never, ever feel judged or shamed with Susannah, I always feel validated and heard - in fact, she has helped teach me how to validate and hear myself. 

— Alison W.


“With Susannah, transformation is happening.”

I went in there looking for help with finances and parenting, and the layers got peeled away as we addressed the root-level - bringing awareness to my ways of relating to myself and the world that is the source of my imbalances and difficulties with money and parenting. Changing my habits on this level has had so much more staying power than just listing and disciplining myself into not to repeating certain behaviors. With Susannah transformation is happening.

— single mother, Woodacre

“Susannah is a bit of a warrior....”

Susannah is bit of a warrior, in her fierce adherence to truth and honesty - I am never placated with her! I never feel urgently pushed or muscled towards any particular realization or path; Susannah has a much-needed feminine & subtle approach that suggests possibilities, asks questions, and opens the door for me to do my own realizing and set my own course - very empowering. 

— A. Wood